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My New Blog Reads

As if I don’t read enough I did some searching around for some new reads. I think that subscribing to a bunch of PR (or whatever industry you’re looking at when you graduate or currently work in) is great, but finding content that is related to your industry is just as beneficial.

Here’s what I came up with and recommend all of them.

The White House Blog. Democrat, Republican… or anything else… you should be reading this. With the new administration’s apparent commitment to transparency and ethics (woo hoo!), one can hope that this blog is going to be used to promote what is actually going on in Washington.

PR Watch Blog by the Center for Media and Democracy. I wrote in my last post about how it’s important to learn from the critics, and I also found out that they had a blog. Check it out.

SPJ Blogs by the Society of Professional Journalists. You’ve got to give SPJ credit for their Code of Ethics. It’s the second result when you search “code of ethics” on Google (a lot higher than PRSA’s code) and they talk about relevant things in the media industry.

Flacker – A Digital Public Relations Weblog by Young PR Flack. This blog offers an interesting perspective on the field and provides some pretty solid content.

PR Works by David Jones of Hill & Knowlton. The thing that sold me on this blog was their video on how the Flight 1549 Wikipedia page updated over 90 minutes. There is also plenty of other worthwhile content, so definitely subscribe to this one.

Learn It, Live It, Love It – the PR book club. Yes, we have plenty to read with work and class, but this is a fun way to network and learn. While I might be one of the group managers and a little biased, we’ve got some great things going on with this. Check it out.

I did some searching with the Google Blog Search, as well as Alltop and Technorati. All are great places to search for topics, as well as clients, future employers and yourself.

Anyone else have any good finds recently?


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4 Responses

  1. Nick,

    Great reads. I added two of them to my reader…meaning I have 74 subscriptions now! I think I’m addicted to reading.

    I’ll be posting a similar post on my blog soon with my latest reads.

  2. nicklucido says:

    @Rachel – I’m up to 125 now! I think I should settle down. Oh yeah, and I added the PR book club on there, too. How could I forget?

  3. David Jones says:

    Nick…thanks for the add. I’m not as regular a blogger as I used to be, though the Inside PR podcast comes out weekly.

    Running the H&K Digital team in Toronto has kept me hopping lately. All that doing social media for clients gets in the way of participating in social media on a 24/7 basis like some. We’ve got a new blog coming out soon (when the new WordPress MU and fancy blog template is finished) on the site that will capture all of our team’s work, relevant blog posts and other cool stuff.

    I look forward to getting to know you through your blog and Twitter. Best of luck in your new career in PR.

  4. Brilliant list, Nick. I am honored to be included. I regularly check out your blog. From my experience, blogging on your own is the best research for reaching out to bloggers on behalf of a company or client. You have to understand the challenges and work associated with blogging.


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